Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wonders of Using Avocado Oil in Natural Advantage Skin Care

With an astounding 731 calories and 30 grams of fat per piece, it comes as no surprise that the avocado fruit has been tagged as a “No-No” for those among us aspiring to lose weight. However, despite its heftiness in the calorie scale, nutritionists still advise us to include moderate portions of it in our daily diet, for the nutritional benefits we can obtain from it still outranks its heavy calorie and fat content.

The avocado oil in particular is very useful both as a food and as a natural advantage skin care emollient. On one hand, it is used as an ingredient for certain dishes. It can also be used for cooking in replacement or as a substitute for standard cooking oils. It is touted to be as good and flavorful as olive oil.

On the other hand, the avocado oil has been used since time immemorial as a lubricant. It is one of the most popular ingredients in beauty products. Its inherent rich moisturizing and regenerative components are perfectly beneficial to our skin and hair. Aside from this, its high content of important fatty acids make it ideal for not only preventing dry skin, but also for keeping it firm and supple. But there is more to the avocado oil when it comes to beauty benefits apart from these. To learn more about the wonderful benefits of the avocado oil in natural advantage skin care, read on.

* Avocado Oil has better skin penetrating properties than other natural oils. Thus, it is more suitable for use in making transdermal treatments. In addition, its capability to permeate even very deep target areas make it effective in transporting other additional supplements.

* Avocado oil can restructure connective tissue and retard or stop the growth of unwanted bacteria.

* It is also used for wounds because it can speed up the healing process. Moreover, it is used to keep post-operative dressing from sticking to wounds and burns.

* Famous for its anti-wrinkle properties, it raises the amount of soluble collagen in the dermis. It also benefits the skin by softening it and slowing down the aging process.

* Avocado oil is widely used for various hair products because it works well on damaged hair aside from acting as a natural stimulant for its good health and growth.

* The powerful UV-absorption components of avocado oil makes it an excellent supplement in reinforcing the effects of UV-A and UV-B absorbers. Using avocado oil as an ingredient for these products makes it more effective in the sense that it diminishes the sunscreen concentration, thus, decreasing the possibility of skin irritation for some people. Based on a comparative study of eight plant oils, the avocado oil proved to be the best sunscreen of them all.

* It is a high quality base oil that can be used for making massage oils and other skin and facial oils.

* Avocado oil has been proven safe and effective for use in making cosmetics because it does not generate problems related to the following: photo-toxicity, sensitization potential, comedogenicity, and formation of free radicals.

* Large amounts of avocado oil is not necessitated to produce optimum results as compared to other natural oils.

Resource Box: Maricel Modesto is a writer and editor who writes for various health and lifestyle magazines.

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