Thursday, February 11, 2010

Painless Vaccines: No Need For Needles

I'm afraid of needles. I knew I'm not the only one who have a phobia on needles. I guess, even those who say that they are afraid of doctors or hospitals are actually afraid of the possible administering of injections for treatment. Obviously, needles are always associated with illness, medicine, and pain.

When it comes to vaccine, it seems that the only procedure is to get a shot. Not anymore. A team of medical researchers from Georgia Tech and Emory University have collaborated to develop a painless flu vaccine.

The technology is called microneedles which, unlike the traditional syringe and needle, allows the vaccine to penetrate into the skin and muscles intra-dermally. It is a patch-like device that contains microscopic needles coated with the flu vaccine. The patch can be used like a regular bandaid, and after awhile, it can be disposed. It is convenient, hassle-free, and painless.

The technology is very promising and potentially effective in eliminating “belonephobia,” the fear of needles.

Contributed By: Monch Bravante

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