Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hypnotize Those Fats Away

Food is not only intended to provide our body with physical sustenance. A necessity to fuel our biological system, without food, none of us would be capable of performing our usual functions at work, school, home, and even in our private affairs. However, to some of us, they mean so much more than just something we need to stay alive.

If you find yourself frequently munching on the largest pack of potato chips every time you feel the urge, to the point that you no could no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans, then you know very well what is being addressed here. You understand that there are some people like you who see food as so much more than just sustenance.

Put it this way, you are among the growing population of people who have come to rely on food to compensate for whatever lack you may have in your life. As distressing as this may sound, you have to accept that this is the global truth we are stressing here: There are many emotional eaters in the world who use food to make up for the emotional distress they experience. On top of this, majority of them are not even aware of it, not even when they realize they have ballooned to such enormous proportions that they could not fit through the front door any more.

Luckily, there are so many ways for people like you to come to terms with this reality, and help you banish those excessive fats from your body for good. One such method is hypnosis.

The common practice of using hypnosis to stop smoking has extended beyond to other problems including weight-related ones like yours. Emotional eating is linked to how your brain addresses the negative emotions brought on by the stressful events you have encountered. Using hypnosis can work in going straight to the heart of your problem. If you are interested in trying out this method, here are the steps.

*Let yourself relax. Then close your eyes and allow yourself to explore this state of relaxation further.

*Using imagery, identify the many different reasons that prompt you to eat. Triggers can be anything from the time of day, down to the mere act of thinking about the food item itself. For emotional eaters, it could be an exact emotion or anything that would remind them of a specific trauma.

*Find out if you are feeling hungry as of this moment. Then ask yourself what might feel good in your stomach at this time. Use your imagination to visualize your choice of food.

*Picture yourself consuming this particular food. Then try to see how it would feel in your stomach afterwards.

*Now, picture yourself eating nothing at this point. Compare the feelings you get from these two visualizations. It is only when it feels better would you entertain the possibility of keeping the food for eating purposes.

*Try out as many different kinds of food as you like. Do this until you have decided on which kind of food would provide you with comfort over time. In this case, bear in mind that fattening foods tend to make you feel bad after some time. They also make you feel lethargic and heavy.

*After you have done this exercise, eat the food, which you have identified as the one that would make your stomach feel best over time.

Resource Box: Maricel Modesto is a writer and editor who writes for various health and lifestyle magazines.

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