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Treating Female Sexual Dysfunction

Millions of women from around the world suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction or frigidity. This condition lessens or completely dissolves a woman's sexual appetite or libido. There are a number of factors that can trigger female sexual dysfunction. Among these are physiological conditions, side effects of medicinal products, as well as emotional or psychological issues.
Despite the fact that female sexual dysfunction is a very common sexual health condition that can trigger in sexually active women anytime, there is a treatment available for this condition. This is none other than to go to a licensed therapist who specializes in sexual health complications.
Now, if you are one of the many women who are suffering from female sexual dysfunction, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor regarding your condition. Read on below for the course of treatment commonly conducted by a doctor for the female sexual dysfunction condition.

A competent sexual health doctor will:

* Diagnose and treat causes of sexual dysfunction.

The sexual health therapist will conduct a thorough physical examination in order to determine if you manifest any common physiological contributor to sexual dysfunction such as infection, renal failure, cardiovascular and vascular disease, hypertension, nerve or spinal trauma, genital and pelvic conditions, as well as neurological complications. During the consultation, the doctor will check for vaginal dryness, infections, or painful areas in the genitalia.

* Make use of counseling as treatment.

Sexual health doctors can make use of counseling to treat psychological and emotional issues that trigger female sexual dysfunction. Emotional and psychological issues may include anxiety, fear, depression, and difficulty interacting with the opposite sex.

* Show what a healthy sexual function and libido is as well as the association of good physical health to a healthy sexual life.

As part of the treatment, sexual health doctors will educate you on what a healthy sexual function is. The doctor will also explain the relationship of a healthy physical condition to a good sexual function. It is also possible that the doctor will give suggestions on how you can better your sexual performance with your partner. Most of the time, sexual health doctors refer their patients to a sex therapist for further treatment.

* Check if harmful factors like alcohol and nicotine trigger the condition.

Sexual health doctors will also check if nicotine or alcohol has something to do with your condition. If ever your condition is linked to the intake of either of the two substances, the doctor will most probably help you in reducing or eliminating your use or intake of these substances, which can trigger the said sexual health condition.

* Determine if current prescription medication used adversely affect sexual health condition.

It is very important for your doctor to know what medications you are currently taking, as these may have adverse effects to your overall sexual health. If ever you are currently taking medicines that can somehow affect your sexual functioning, the doctor will either request you to stop or reduce taking them. On your part, it is best to be honest to your doctor regarding your other health conditions to avoid having further complications.

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