Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sex and How It Affects Your Health

For a lot of adults, sex can be considered the best physical activity in the world. Not only does it give you the opportunity to release sexual desires, but it also helps you form a sort of intimate bond with your partner. Little do people know that aside from being a fun activity shared by partners for intimacy purposes, making love also has its effects on your health.

Here are some of the effects sex has on your well-being:

Sex can act as an effective pain reliever. When one engages in sexual activities of any sort and gets sexually excited, the body releases more of the hormone oxytocin, which, in turn triggers the production of endorphin, a chemical that increases a person's pain tolerance. Some doctors believe that sex can be quite helpful in relieving minor headaches, while some believe that it works well with arthritis and whiplash pain.

Sex reduces stress and promotes sleep. Once a person reaches climax, a aura of calm and relaxation usually follows. This is the same reason why most individuals fall asleep after having sex. Also, a survey once found that people who have a regular dose of sex reported to sleep better at night and feel refreshed throughout the day.

Sex improves cardiovascular health. This is in relation to how sex increases blood flow all over the body. To begin with, the heart starts pumping blood faster when you get aroused, resulting to quicker blood flow to the brain and heart. With fresh blood constantly circulating through the brain and the heart, one can be assured of better performance in and out of the sexual arena.

These are only three of the most important health effects of having sex, there are still others left that aren't listed here. But it is important to note that these health effects can be obtained if the amount of sexual activity you have is moderated. If you have too much sex, you might end up with health complications instead.

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