Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tips to Avoid Lumbago

Low back pain can affect anybody of any age, male or female, regardless of whether they are physically active or not. Commonly referred to as lumbago in the medical community, it can be caused by a lot of different factors, like sports injuries and strenuous work to name a few.

For most people, low back pain is not an issue until they actually experience it first hand. For severe cases, taking muscle relaxants or pain relievers does wonders in relieving the discomfort. For mild lumbago, massage and over-the-counter analgesics is enough to make it bearable. But wouldn't it be better if you didn't have to deal with all the hassles of lumbago at all?

There are things you can do as precautionary measures to avoid experiencing low back pain, like:

1.Be mindful of your posture. Having poor posture strains the back muscles as well. as the spine. Constantly slouching can cause the natural concave curvature of the lumbar vertebrae to flatten and cause pain.

2.Exercise your back. Your abdominal muscles work hand in hand with the back muscles to provide the spine with muscular support. Be careful not to strain yourself too much or you'll end up injuring yourself.

3.Injury-proof your home and workplace. One common cause of low back pain are injuries from accidents that could have been prevented. Always be on the look out for items that you can trip over, slip on, or fall off from.

4.Make your office back-friendly. Get ergonomically correct chairs that provide your back with proper support, as well as one of the proper height. Certain chairs are uncomfortable to sit on and make it difficult to get on or off it, causing discomfort and injury.

5.Make your home back-friendly as well. Choose mattresses that offer firm back support. Don't go with one that is too soft or too firm because both of them can cause your lower back to hurt.

There are more ways to avoid suffering from lumbago. Ask your doctor for more tips to prevent from having low back pain as well as to understand the different things that cause it. Always remember than prevention is better than cure.

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