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Relieve Yourself from the Pain of Sore Throat

Among the many body pains commonly experienced by men and women these days, sore throat is probably the most bothersome of all. Sore throat, which is also referred to as tonsillitis or pharyngitis, is a disease that is generally located around the tonsils. Health experts claim that sore throat is caused by a number of factors. It can occur due to viruses and bacteria. Other causes of sore throat are breathing polluted air, drinking alcohol, hay fever, allergies, and smoking.
Causes of sore throat: In-depth review.

As stated earlier, sore throat can occur due to a number of factors:


Viruses, particularly the flu, are known to cause sore throat. These can cause blisters in the throat and mouth, thus, leading to sore throat.

2.Breathing through the mouth

Sore throat can also occur when one breaths through the mouth. This can dry the throat and produce soreness.


The most common sore throat causing bacterias are Streptococcus and the Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, which usually triggers young adults.

4.Treatments with antibiotics

Sore throats are also noted to occur among individuals who underwent antibiotic treatments such as chemotherapy.

Home treatments for sore throat

There are cures for sore throat that do not necessarily need a doctor's consultation. The following are some of the known easy-to-do treatments for sore throat that can be practiced at home:

1.Gargling salt water

One of the easiest sore throat pain relief tricks that can be done at home is to gargle salt water. Gargling water with salt brings temporary relief to a sore throat.

2.Lozenges and hard candy

Aside from gargling water with salt, eating lozenges and hard candy is also a good way to treat sore throat. However, lozenges and hard candy may be a choking hazard among children. Hence, avoid giving these to young children.


A humidifier is a perfect treatment in relieving sore throat that is caused by dry air and mouth breathing.

4.Nasal spray

Nasal sprays like Afrin are perfect for adults whose nose are plugged. These are used for two to three days in order to prevent mouth breathing.

When sore throat persists for weeks, it is best to consult medical consultation with a licensed healthcare expert. It is necessary to seek medical care if the following consequences occur:

1.If sore throat is related with fever, swollen glands, or white patches on the back of the throat.

2.If the front of the the neck is stiff and sore.

3.If there is difficulty in swallowing liquids.

Defining strep throat

Strep throat is generally caused by Streptococcus bacteria. Streptococcus is also the bacteria that causes rheumatic fever. Statistics show that some adult and children sore throat conditions are caused by strep. With this, healthcare professionals recommend a strep test to patients with sore throat conditions. It is important to diagnose and treat strep throat as this condition often leads to rheumatic fever, which is a grave illness that can lead to heart valve damage and joint pain.

Free yourself from the pain brought by sore throat. Choose and practice a treatment that is best suited for your condition.

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