Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turn Your Home Into A “Budget Home Gym”

In these times of global crisis, people have the tendency to shun away from expensive gym memberships and costly gym equipments. However, if you will just think outside the (treadmill) box, you'll be blown away at the idea of using household items as substitute for those premium fitness apparatus.

In place of those shiny gym dumbbells, you can make use of soup cans for weights to exercise your biceps and triceps.

A household bucket or jug filled with water or sand, rock salt or powdered detergent can also be used as weights. Make sure the top is secured by using some duct tape to seal it before you lift it up and down infront of you as you do your squats.

As for body sculpting equipment, try substituting it with paper plates to help your body slide on a carpet. This will simulate body sculpting moves that would ordinarily require workout equipment. Do the sliding lunge by putting the paper plate under one foot, and lunge forward. Skate with it to work your butt and thighs by attaching the plates to your feet with rubber bands and slide away. You can also get down on all fours, put the plates under your hands, and use them to work your chest by sliding your arms back and forth.

A push-up bench can be replaced by a mere countertop in the kitchen or bath.

Simply put both hands on the countertop, extend your legs behind you at an angle, lean down into the counter and then push back up.

Any exercise that makes use of a resistance band can do with an old pantyhose or tights. For example, while sitting on the floor with legs straight, loop a pair of pantyhose around the balls of your feet and pull back with both hands as if you were using a rowing machine.

These are just few of the many things you can do to turn your home into a “budget home gym.” Just be creative and workout your way to fitness and health without the big bucks.

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