Sunday, January 11, 2009

Water and Why You Should Drink More of It

With a lot of drinks coming out in the market like sugary juices, carbonated sodas, caffeine-based beverages, and health drinks, it's no surprise that the one drink people take for granted is water. But little do people know that water is, in fact, the best drink there is.

Here are some background facts on water: our blood is made up of 83% water; our muscles, 75% water; the brain is 74% water; and our bones are made up of 22% water. Water is a part of us and a part of nature. Long before man created the first flavored beverage, we have been indulging ourselves in Mother Nature's famous concoction – clear and refreshing agua.

We may only take water as the quickest thirst quencher on a hot day, but there's a lot more to water than just that. Here are some benefits that water offers the body:

Water rids the body of its dirt.
We all know that the main organs that help excrete toxins from the body are the kidneys and the liver. But without a sufficient amount of water, detoxification just won't be as effective. Water aids in the flow of excess salt and other toxins in the body. It makes directing such bodily wastes into the organs that do the job. Without it, you can expect major complications with your excretory system.

Water helps you lose weight.

Water can act as a very cunning appetite suppressant. If you drink a glass of water before a meal, the stomach is fooled into thinking it already has something in it, making you feel full after half the usual meal you eat. The less food you consume, the less fat you need to burn. Of course this is considering you keep your diet balanced enough to provide you with the necessary nutrients. Fiber, the digestive system's natural waste sweeper, won't work efficiently if you don't take it with enough water. Instead of having healthy bowel movement, you may end up with constipation instead.

Water keeps your blood flowing.
Water aids in better blood circulation. When you drink less water, your blood thickens, making it more difficult for the body to circulate fresh and used blood. In effect, your brain becomes less active, and your body feels fatigued.

More than the reasons mentioned above, there are more to water than what we know. It's health benefits are countless. If you think about it, why is 70% of the Earth covered in water if it wasn't good for us?

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